Here Is How Many Years It Would Take You To Be A Billionaire On A Nigerian Salary


For many years and possibly many more to come, getting a job seems to be the end point of the countless years spent in school studying to get a degree. Most guys believe that after going to school, all they need is to get a great job and everything would be smooth from there, but in reality, it is always the opposite. 

Landing a job after spending a long time at the university should not be your top priority and this article tells you why. If you are seeking to make it big, to live a life that you will enjoy, that your kids will enjoy, a life of financial security, free of problems, then you should be looking past a job. 

A Nigerian salary can't give you true financial security but always keep you on your toes. You can get fired today or tomorrow and lose everything you have worked so hard to achieve. 

In fact to become a billionaire with a Nigerian salary you would have to work for so long. 

Nigeria's minimum wage pegs at N18,000 (yes for graduates too) and you might be lucky enough to land a job at N70,000. 

We are going to calculate how long it would take you with a retirement age of 70 to become a billionaire 

If you earn a salary of N18,000 monthly

Monthly Salary: N18,000 
Annual Salary: N216,000
N216,000 x 4,630 years  = N1,000,080,000

On a salary of N18,000 it would take you 5,000 years to become a billionaire 

If you earn a salary of N70,000 monthly

Monthly Salary: N70,000
Annual Salary: N840,000
N840,000 x 1,200 years = N1,008,000,000

On a salary of N70,000, it would take you 1,200 years to become a billionaire 

That is all minus basic expenses which would cut your salary by half within the first week. Take it from me, if you want enjoy your life and live the life you have always dreamed of you have to take the bull by the horns and stop depending on your boss for your happiness. 

All that plus the fact that you can lose your job at any time and return back to square one. Don't rely on other man's success for your daily bread, create your own.

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