10 Best Perfumes Under N5000 For Men In Nigeria


Today it's all about how to choose the best perfume for men in Nigeria

Getting the best perfume which not only lasts longer but smells great and doesn't leave stains has never been a more daunting task. 

Take it from me guys, the way you smell is the way you are addressed, so you shouldn't get stingy when choosing a perfume, but that doesn't mean you should go bankrupt just because you want to look good. 

We at MensCabal have looked through the cheapest perfumes for men with the best quality, that will not only keep you smelling fresh but will also last over 24 hours. 

1. Adidas Pure Game EDT For Men EDT

Launched in 2011. Adidas Pure Game EDT For Men EDT is just the right perfume for you if you are looking for something cheap with just best quality. The scent possesses a blend of bergamot, grapefruit, pink pepper, jasmine, tender rose, dewy violet, patchouli, sandalwood, amber, creamy benzoin, and musk.

The scent rank as our number one best perfume for men under N5,000because it is affordable compared to its quality, long-lasting and has good sillage. 

2. Black Leather EDP For Him 

Black Leather is the right perfume for you if you are looking for something that promotes masculinity. The perfume has a distinctive fragrance that is sure to attract women and turns heads when you walk by.

Key Features
  • 48 hours lingering fragrance 
  • Does not stain clothes 
  • cool manly fragrance 

3.  Night Oud EDT For Men

We checked out this male perfume on Jumia and was impressed with the reviews and the sales record. Turns out that  Night Oud EDT For Men is not just cheap but also of high quality. 

The perfume which is unisex (for both male and female), lasts long, does not stain and has a very great fragrance. 

We also went ahead to check the reviews on the product from that both and they agreed with us. 

4. Midnight Oud EDP Perfume For Men

The Midnight Oud EDP Perfume For Men is one fragrance that is as good as its hype. 

The fragrance is unlike this others as it comes with a more intense smell that makes it great for special occasions. 

The fragrance has every atom of masculinity in it and promises that good confident smell that every man desires.

Want to feel more confident about how you smell, then Midnight Oud EDP Perfume For Men can be your perfect choice. 

5. Adidas Intense Touch EDT - 100ML

Launched in 2011, Intense Touch by Adidas is meant for the man who symbolizes masculinity, who knows his worth, has carved out his success the hard way and who can capture a woman with a single intense glance. 

Talking out confidence, this fragrance takes you there, tangy and spicy with woody tones, the fragrance brings out the man in you. 

Key features 
  • Long lasting 
  • Great masculine smell
  • Does not stain 

6. Euroluxe Red Soul EDT for Men

The plight of every man is smelling good under a hot weather, as you sweat under the scorching sun, your worst nightmare could be smelling so bad after your dry out which makes getting a good perfume a must. 

The Euroluxe Red Soul EDT for Men understand that and is made just for that. the fragrance is strong and refreshing and is the perfect antidote to the heat. Red soul focuses on freshness and masculinity keeping you fresh all day long. 

7. Prestige cosmetics Perfume For Men 

Many perfumes don't have any great to offer except for their body designs which are meant to catch the eye, they barely last long enough and don't smell really great. Well, prestige cosmetics perfume For men doesn't just look good on the outside when it comes to design, it also has a nice, soft, sweet smelling fragrance that easily makes it the best choice if you want to smell nice. 

Key features 
  • Long lasting 
  • Nice fragrance 
  • Affordable with high quality 

8. Jeanne Arthes Jean Arthes Rocky Man EDT

Mixed with notes of lemon, artemisia, basil, lily, neroli, sandalwood, cedar and musk, Rocky Man EDT is a great, fresh aromatic fragrance for those who take how their smell very seriously. 

9. Pure Black Perfume For Men

Pure Black is specially made for men with a high sense of quality fragrance. The fragrance is matured with a strong scent that places emphasis on masculinity and self-confidence. If you want to turn heads because of how great you smell, then Pure Black is the right fragrance for you.

Key features 
  • High quality 
  • Matured, masculine fragrance
  • long lasting fragrance 
  • Affordable 

10. 24k Perfume For Men

Last on your list of cheapest perfumes for men is the 24k Perfume For Men (don't worry it wouldn't cost you 24k). 

24K is a Masculine stylish and exotic floral-fruity perfume with notes of Jasmine and exotic fruit. Being affordable is just one of its great features, as the great fragrance is sure to turn heads when you put it on. 

Here Is How Many Years It Would Take You To Be A Billionaire On A Nigerian Salary


For many years and possibly many more to come, getting a job seems to be the end point of the countless years spent in school studying to get a degree. Most guys believe that after going to school, all they need is to get a great job and everything would be smooth from there, but in reality, it is always the opposite. 

Landing a job after spending a long time at the university should not be your top priority and this article tells you why. If you are seeking to make it big, to live a life that you will enjoy, that your kids will enjoy, a life of financial security, free of problems, then you should be looking past a job. 

A Nigerian salary can't give you true financial security but always keep you on your toes. You can get fired today or tomorrow and lose everything you have worked so hard to achieve. 

In fact to become a billionaire with a Nigerian salary you would have to work for so long. 

Nigeria's minimum wage pegs at N18,000 (yes for graduates too) and you might be lucky enough to land a job at N70,000. 

We are going to calculate how long it would take you with a retirement age of 70 to become a billionaire 

If you earn a salary of N18,000 monthly

Monthly Salary: N18,000 
Annual Salary: N216,000
N216,000 x 4,630 years  = N1,000,080,000

On a salary of N18,000 it would take you 5,000 years to become a billionaire 

If you earn a salary of N70,000 monthly

Monthly Salary: N70,000
Annual Salary: N840,000
N840,000 x 1,200 years = N1,008,000,000

On a salary of N70,000, it would take you 1,200 years to become a billionaire 

That is all minus basic expenses which would cut your salary by half within the first week. Take it from me, if you want enjoy your life and live the life you have always dreamed of you have to take the bull by the horns and stop depending on your boss for your happiness. 

All that plus the fact that you can lose your job at any time and return back to square one. Don't rely on other man's success for your daily bread, create your own.